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If 2020 was the year of Zoom calls, could 2021 be time to return to traditional letter writing? Felicity Jones and Shailene Woodley’s upcoming Netflix romance may have you feeling inspired to put pen to paper.

Adapted from The Last Letter From Your Lover, a novel by Jojo Moyes (also known for penning Me Before You), the upcoming dual-narrative drama takes places in two different eras, following the lives and loves of Jennifer Stirling (Woodley, Big Little Lies), an American woman living in 1960’s London and contemporary London journalist, Ellie Haworth (Jones, The Theory Of Everything). Though decades apart in age, the two women’s lives are intertwined when Ellie stumbles across some heartbreakingly beautiful love letters addressed to Jennifer in the archives at the newspaper where she works.

Lost love letters coming to light decades later might sound like the stuff of overly-sentimental viewing, but Jones — who had been eager to work on a project with novelist Moyes for some time — found herself charmed by the story’s romance yet lack of “schmaltz.” “The moment I was sent the script, the stars just aligned,” she tells EW. “I liked how human it was; it was just an immediate response. It had such fun to it, as well as being quite emotional.”

When Woodley came on board later, it was the chance to work with director Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin’ Back, Euphoria) that had her ready to sign on, no questions asked. “Before I even read the script I was inclined to say yes,” she says. “I had been really wanting to work with Augustine and just loved her as a human being… Then I read the script and it was really beautifully executed — I don’t feel like there’s a lot of movies that are told this way and are also executed in a way that’s thoroughly entertaining and intelligent.”

Beyond the source material and director, both Jones and Woodley found themselves drawn to a story of women discovering their identities and reckoning with the romantic, life decisions they’ve made. “You witness a woman’s journey in how she chooses to live her life,” says Woodley, whose character Jennifer finds herself falling in love with troubled journalist Anthony O’Hare (Callum Turner, Fantastic Beasts) while married to the frightfully well-to-do, yet cold Laurence Stirling (Joe Alwyn, The Favourite). “You recognize the struggles that come with being a woman, specifically in that time era, making decisions for herself and choosing a path that perhaps isn’t the most well-worn, yet is the most fulfilling. There aren’t a lot of stories about women who do make decisions for themselves even though there are serious consequences and repercussions.”

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The actress has dealt with stormtroopers, Stephen Hawking and the US Supreme Court during her career, but as the release of her latest film approaches, she tells Gavanndra Hodge how having a baby during lockdown was her most challenging role yet

It’s one of those dreaded conversations. You’ve just started your dream job when you discover you’re pregnant. How do you tell your new boss? This was what happened to the actress Felicity Jones, who had taken the role of the astronaut Sully in The Midnight Sky, a film starring and directed by George Clooney. Production had already begun when Jones had to make the call.

“I think I might have told George Clooney that I was pregnant before I told some of my friends and family,” Jones says over Zoom, sitting in an upstairs bedroom of her terrace house in London, late on a dark Friday afternoon. “But George was very determined to keep me in the film, and the more we explored it, the more it felt right to include the pregnancy as part of the story. It was really nice that I could play what was happening to me personally as well as playing the character. George was very modern in his approach and actually quite revolutionary in not wanting to hide it. In the end it was a much cooler way of navigating the story.”

The Midnight Sky is an end-of-days space opera set in the near future. Jones’s character is part of a crew manning the last ship in space, returning home after investigating the potential of another planet to sustain life. Meanwhile, back on Earth, an apocalyptic event seems to have killed most people except Clooney. Life and art intersected in troubling ways during filming, the insularity and joy of the set — “George is even nicer and funnier than you would expect,” Jones says. “He is just very honest, very straightforward, very unvain, very intelligent” — contrasting with news reports about Covid-19’s spread in China. “Soon after shooting we went into lockdown. It was so strange to be acting something and then, within weeks, going through it in reality. I remember thinking, I much prefer pretending.” Furthermore, Jones gave birth to her son in April, as deaths and hospital admissions were reaching their (first) peak in the UK. “To have a baby in an apocalyptic moment is pretty scary,” she admits.

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Director George Clooney not only insisted that the actress remain as the film’s marooned astronaut Sully, he worked the pregnancy into the script.

Back in 2017, Felicity Jones was preparing to star as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the film On the Basis of Sex when she flew to Washington for some one-on-one time with the iconic Supreme Court justice, visiting her office and even the most intimate nook of her home.

“I remember her showing me her collection of gloves and collars in her wardrobe,” Jones says. “She was extraordinarily open with me in terms of sharing old photographs and very candid about her experiences, which was obviously very helpful in playing her.”

Jones, who became a first-time mother around the same time that Ginsburg passed away in September, now clings to the memory of their shared time together, keeping a picture of the legal trailblazer in her study.

With her latest film, The Midnight Sky, the British actress has pulled off something trailblazing herself — shooting the George Clooney-directed sci-fi film while pregnant. For decades in Hollywood, a baby bump typically meant getting bumped from a film. But Clooney not only insisted that the Oscar-nominated actress remain as the film’s marooned astronaut, Sully, he worked the pregnancy into the postapocalyptic script. Jones hopped on a Zoom call to discuss the film, which Netflix bows on Dec. 23, on shooting stunts while with child, fighting for pay parity and the future of Jyn Erso in the Star Wars universe.

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