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Oscar-nominated actor Felicity Jones talks anxiety, red carpets and all things fashion – from charity-shop style to embracing tomboyishness

For an actor who has so successfully scaled the giddy heights of Hollywood, Felicity Jones has reassuringly normal teeth.

They are devoid of the spooky, preternaturally white veneers to which so many of her peers have succumbed. They are characterful, and ever so slightly off-kilter, their very charm residing in their imperfection.

In this, they mirror their owner’s taste in clothes. For when it comes to her own wardrobe, Jones, 38, is very firmly in the pre-loved camp, an English rose so passionate about sustainability that she has agreed to be the face of Oxfam’s Second Hand September initiative, an annual campaign to encourage people to choose pre-worn fashion over new. Given that the UK sends 13 million items of used clothing per week to landfill, it’s fair to say encouragement is needed.

Born in Birmingham to a journalist father and advertising executive mother, and raised in Bournville, Jones’s love affair with pre-loved clothing started early. ‘I remember sitting underneath rails of clothes when I was a little girl. My mother used to volunteer at a second-hand store when we were growing up, the Settlement shop, in Birmingham. She would always find great bargains, and I’ve inherited that interest from her. I love the mystery of second-hand shopping, and the narrative behind the clothes. You never quite know what you’re going to get.’

An actor since the age of 12 (her first role was in the 1996 TV film The Treasure Seekers, alongside Keira Knightley), the narrative behind the clothes is particularly relevant to her profession, clothing being such an essential part of building any character. And what characters Jones has played, her 26-year career resulting in a CV that any actor would envy.

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Oscar nominee Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) will star with Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey in comedy Maria, we can reveal.

Independent Entertainment will launch sales in Cannes on the project, which hails from Benediction and Small Axe producer EMU Films. Simon Amstell is writing and directing.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and On The Basis Of Sex actress Jones will star in the title role as a young woman with a history of running from reality. Struggling to accept her age, her boyfriend’s love and her father’s indifference, Maria spots an opportunity to feel young, free and desirable at her father’s wedding, where she meets Raffy, her new stepbrother. Their obvious, if inconvenient, sexual chemistry is made worse by the news that her father has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) will play Maria’s father. Bailey will play Maria’s boyfriend Eddy. Amstell’s follow-up to his sophomore feature Benjamin is due to shoot in the UK and US in fall 2022.

Louise Palmkvist Hansen will produce for EMU Films. Amstell will also serve as executive producer, alongside EMU Films’ Michael Elliott, Jim Mooney and Walli Ullah, and Cora Palfrey and Sarah Lebutsch from Independent Entertainment.

Joining the creative team are director of photography Adam Gillham (I May Destroy You), editor Rebecca Lloyd (American Honey), Emmy-winning casting director Theo Park (Ted Lasso) and Mercury Music Prize-winning composer James Righton who reunites with Amstell having scored Benjamin as well as Amstell’s Netflix stand-up special Set Free.

Amstell’s career in comedy, on stage and TV includes the BBC series Grandma’s House which he also starred in. He made his debut feature Carnage in 2017, with Benjamin following in 2018.

Amstell said: “I’m incredibly excited to begin shooting Maria this year with Felicity Jones. Our hope is that making a film about our culture’s fear of aging and death will be an absolute sensation.” [Source]

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Don’t know why, I totally forget to upload this magazine. Felicity Jones covers Glass Magazine, July 2021 issue. I have added the scans to the gallery.

Felicity Jones is set to star in and produce New Regency’s upcoming film Blood Mother, sources tell Deadline. Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis will also produce the project alongside Jones’ brother, Alex Jones. The film is written by Zissis and is based on an original story by Marcel and Zissis.

The film follows an Oxford professor who discovers her baby is inhuman and finds herself doing the unimaginable to keep him alive.

Best know her roles in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Theory of Everything, which earned her an Oscar nom, Jones was most recently seen George Clooney’s Midnight Sky. Prior to that she starred in The Aeronauts and On the Basis of Sex.

Marcel is coming off the global hit Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which she wrote; it delivered the year’s biggest domestic box office opening. Marcel also has a story by credit on Disney’s Cruella and also penned Saving Mr. Banks, as well as the adaptation of Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey. On the TV front, she has the series The Changeling at Apple TV+, based on the novel by Victor LaValle, which will star LaKeith Stanfield.

Zissis’ past credits include Togetherness and Cruella.

Jones is represented by WME, Independent Talent and Peikhoff Mahan. Zissis is represented by Artists First, United Agents & A3. [Source]

The actress used to put pressure on herself, but a baby, a new film and British beach holidays keep her grounded, she explains

I’ve heard that Felicity Jones is an immersive actor; when she takes on roles she devotes herself to them like a nun. So it was with a shock of recognition that I saw her in her new film, The Last Letter from Your Lover, sitting in the features department of a modern national newspaper with a long history and huge archive. Jones’s journalist answers her desk phone with a wary, one-word “Features”, just as I used to answer the phone in The Times features department, at least back when I used a phone.

I can say with confidence that Jones finally nails the character of a “feature writer” — if I also had the looks and charisma of a Hollywood actress and spent my weeks falling in love with The Times archivist while on the trail of an intense 1960s love story buried in its stacks. (At The Times the archive editor is an esteemed woman some years my senior, so that romance may have to wait for the sequel.) What was Jones’s character insight for this contemporary feature writer? Oh, play her as if “she is always a bit hung over”, she replies. Yes, I guess that is exactly right.

Talking to Jones I can see that, as much as she immerses herself in character, she can never stop being extremely British and somewhat vintage (her modern feature writer even sports a signature retro beret, something I have to say I have never done, even when hung over, which, as Jones points out, might be a lot of the time). Put those together and she evokes those classic British actresses of the 1970s, such as Julie Christie, Joanna Lumley and Diana Rigg, who, like Jones, have an upright bearing masking their softness.

Most of all there’s that voice. It’s a rich mix of no-nonsense and RP, a dame in welly boots. Even her name sounds like something that could be conjured up in an Austin Powers movie — “Felicity” the aristocrat matched with “Jones” the eternal British trademark.

Her most garlanded performance is as the 1970s-era Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything, which was about the marriage of Stephen Hawking and won her an Oscar nomination. In this she starred with Eddie Redmayne, and she was also his romantic lead in The Aeronauts, a Victorian ballooning romp. They resemble each other like siblings. She is 37, but, like Redmayne, routinely plays characters ten years younger; they also share that fashionable overbite.

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Felicity Jones has always been drawn to narrative—first as an actor and student (she studied English literature in college), and now as a first-time executive producer. In Netflix’s “The Last Letter From Your Lover,” Jones plays a heartbroken journalist who pieces together a romantic tale from the 1960s after discovering a series of love letters in her newspaper’s archives. As executive producer and star, Jones was able to inform every aspect of her character, from world-building to dialogue.

What drew you to “The Last Letter From Your Lover” as not only an actor, but a producer?
I’ve been attracted to Jojo Moyes, [the author of the novel “The Last Letter From Your Lover,”] for years. I was looking for something of hers to option, and that came from seeing that she was so brilliant at creating such accessible female characters who were nuanced, who had comedy and humor. Ever since I’d done a film years ago called “Chalet Girl,” I‘d been looking for something a little bit similar. I’d had such fun on that. When I came across this, I thought it had a wonderful mixture of the modernity in the character I play, Ellie’s, story, mixed in with this romantic sweep of everlasting love. I thought, I’d love watching this film with some chocolate and a glass of wine. I’d done some quite heavy lifting in “The Aeronauts,” and I was ready for something a little bit more cozy. Actually, when I first met Augustine [Frizzell, the director], she and I sat down; and we were talking about what we were hoping to do, and she used that word, “cozy,” and that’s what I responded to and wanted to do next.

When you were reading the script and deciding how it would take place on the screen, was there ever a time when you considered taking on Jennifer, Shailene Woodley’s role, or was Ellie the character you connected with more?
I totally, immediately connected with Ellie’s character. I felt an empathy for the moment that she’s in in the film. She’s lost a little bit of the meaning of things, and she’s a little bit aimless. She’s got to a decent point in her career, and she’s going, “Is this it?” She’s been burned in the past in relationships, and I liked the way she was handling that with loads of sarcasm. That really appealed in that moment.

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Felicity Jones attends “The Last Letter From Your Lover” UK premiere at Ham Yard Hotel on July 27, 2021 in London. You can go to the gallery and enjoy the photos!

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